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Bosse Girls Wrestling Heading to Semi-State

By Tom Bealmear | Jan 8, 2024 10:21 AM


Shay McRath EVANSVILLE, Ind. (Thursday, Jan. 4, 2023) - When many people think of Bosse High School athletics, they think of the basketball team. Although the basketball program has been historically good over the past decade, things are starting to change. Many other sports teams at Bosse are now also starting to be successful and people are recognizing. Two of those teams that are rapidly improving is the football and wrestling teams. Something that those two teams have in common is the head coach, Stephan Mullen. Stephan Mullen has been around Bosse athletics for a while, but he was announced as the head coach for the wrestling team just a year ago. Since he’s been the head coach of the wrestling program, it has done a complete 360. In just his second year with the program, the number of students participating has grown tremendously. Bosse has a full team with wrestlers for every weight class, which is something that is not common. “A lot of the growth is due to the wrestlers themselves, recruiting kids in the hallways to try and make the team better,” Mullen said. Not only does Bosse have a full team but they also have female wrestlers. Female wrestling is growing in Indiana and Bosse High School has three really good ones. Sophomores Lauren Trail, Millie Christie and Abrianna Hilaire are a special group of girls. This past Saturday all three of them competed in the girls’ wrestling regionals and placed. Millie Christie placed 3rd, Abrianna Hilaire placed 2nd, and Lauren Trail was the regional winner. Meaning that they will be moving on to compete in the semi-state tournament on Friday morning. This is the first year that two out of the three girls have ever wrestled. Christie is the only one with any type of wrestling experience, which comes way back from when she was in the third grade. Hilaire and Trail are newcomers to the sport and has been catching on quickly. “I joined wrestling because I wanted to become more active and experience something new,” Hilaire said. Trail joined the team because of her friend and teammate Christie. They both convinced each other to join the team and it has paid off for the both of them. “I like the fact that there’s always someone to wrestle and compete with at practice,” Christie said. Regional winner Trail feels the same way about her friend Millie. Being that this is her first-year wrestling, she didn’t expect to have much success. Her first win was actually on Saturday at regionals. Trail has many things she likes about wrestling but her favorites are intriguing to say the least. “My favorite thing about wrestling is getting to hurt guys ego’s and take my anger out,” said Trail. Coach Mullen is truly excited for the girls and their accomplishments and stated that he wanted to build a full girl’s roster in the future. They will be competing in semi-state at Mooresville High School early Friday morning. For more information and updates about the Bosse wrestling team, follow Coach Mullen and the Bosse Athletics page on Twitter @stephan_mullen and @AthleticsBosse.