Basketball (Boys V)

Bosse Basketball back to its Old Ways?

By Deshayvion McRath | Jan 19, 2024 10:30 AM


Shay McRath EVANSVILLE, Ind. (Thursday, Jan. 18, 2023) – Losing isn’t something that people enjoy to do. There are a lot of lessons that could be learned from losses but many would rather learn them and still win. No one knows more about winning than Coach Shane Burkhart. In his 16 years as the head coach for the Bosse Bulldogs, he’s only had two losing seasons. After the Bulldogs’ first few games, many thought that this would be another losing season. The Bulldogs came into the season facing a lot of adversity. Many players were coming off of injuries and suspensions heading into the first couple games of the season. Being that Bosse has one of the toughest schedules in the state, that hurt them. While competing in an Indianapolis basketball tournament the Bulldogs went 0-3. Although they didn’t win any games while in Indianapolis, that tournament has been the turning point for their season. “I think they figured out they could play with anybody. We went 0-3 but we played outstanding and I think it has definitely carried over,” Burkhart said. Since that tournament, the Bulldogs have won three games in a row. The team has found their identity and is starting to play a lot like Burkhart’s successful teams in the past. Fast, smart, and gritty. The Bulldogs are led by two of their senior leading scorers from last year, Taray Howell and Chris Glover. Although these two have been great for the team, there have been two more players who have really stepped up and made a huge impact for the team this season as well. “Royal Elliot has been an absolute dream come true for this season so far. So has Tizhaun Tomlinson to be honest with you. They both have come in and done some spectacular things,” Burkhart said. Elliot and Tomlinson are both members of the Bosse football team as well. They hopped into basketball season as soon as the football season was over to help Burkhart and the Bulldogs be successful. “My mindset heading into basketball games is a little different than when I’m playing football. It’s really to be your best and compete at 110% at all times,” Elliot said. Competing at 110% is exactly what Elliot does. His energy is contagious to the rest of his teammates around him and is a big reason why they’ve been successful. Heading into an important stretch of their season, the Bulldogs look to continue their winning streak. Both Tomlinson and Elliot expressed confidence in the team being able to make a special run. “I feel like we shouldn’t lose any more this season. All the pieces are coming together, we’re playing as a team now, and we’re looking good,” Tomlinson said. “We’re a third week in March team. We’re going to win a lot of games coming up. If we keep working and growing together like we been doing, then it’s going to be something special,” Elliot said. The Bulldogs will face off against Gibson Southern High School, Saturday at 7pm at Bosse High School. For more information and updates on the Bosse basketball team, follow Coach Burkhart and the Bosse Athletics page on Twitter @CoachBurk22 and @AthleticsBosse.