Swimming & Diving (Girls V)

Girls Swimming and Diving Makes a Splash

By Deshayvion McRath | Jan 26, 2024 1:48 PM


Shay McRath EVANSVILLE, Ind. (Thursday, Jan. 25, 2023) – If you instantly think of Michael Phelps as soon as you hear something about swimming and diving, then you’re not alone. I too am guilty of doing so. Many people in the Bosse community know very little about the sport of swimming and diving. There are even some people who aren’t aware that Bosse has its own swimming and diving team. Boys and girls as a matter of fact. We will be focused on the girls’ varsity swimming and diving team today though. The team is led by two seniors, Sidney Gist and Catelyn Witte. These two girls have been best of friends since preschool and are both are four sport athletes as well. They play soccer, golf, and swim together. Gist plays tennis for her fourth sport and Witte plays softball for hers. The Bosse girls swim team is very small compared to other schools in the SIAC, but that hasn’t stopped them from competing. This past Saturday at the conference meet, every girl that competed for Bosse made it in the top 16 and punched their ticket to sectionals. Gist and Witte are known for breaking records. Gist was a part of the team that broke the 200-freestyle relay record. Witte has broken several records and some of her very own in the 100-freestyle. She first broke the record in 2022 while swimming a 1:03. A year later she broke her own record by swimming an astounding 1:02. Gist and Witte have meant a lot to the swim program at Bosse. They’ve broken records and helped their teammates be successful along the way. One teammate that has caught onto their ways quick is Greenlee Gist. Greenlee is the sister of Sydney and has a bright future ahead of her. The sophomore partakes in the diving part of the sport, making her the first diver that the team has had in the past 10 years. She is also a level 9 gymnast, which is very high for those who don’t know. Just like her sister, Greenlee has broken multiple records. She continues to break her own diving records as time goes on. “Diving comes kind of easy because of gymnastics. It’s really fun and a lot less pressure on you, which is why I like it a lot,” Greenlee said. This was a common theme while speaking to all the girls. Every single one of them expressed their love for the sport and how their teammates make it more fun. “I love the team atmosphere. We’re all really close and really good friends. It’s just fun to hang out with your friends and do something you love,” Gist said. “I like being around my teammates. They’re fun,” Witte said. The girls swimming and diving team look to put on a great performance next week at the sectional meet. Hopefully more records will be broken, and the girls go out with a bang. For more information and updates on the girls swimming and diving team, follow the Bosse pages on Twitter and Facebook @AthleticsBosse or @BosseHighSchool.